Wayne County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Apostolic Christian Cemetery     Rittman
Applecreek Cemetery     Orrville
Applecreek West End Cemetery     Orrville
Arnold Cemetery     Dalton
Aukerman Cemetery     West Salem
Bald Knob Cemetery     West Salem
Barton Cemetery     Creston
Beech Grove Cemetery     Creston
Bethel Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Bethel Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Blachleyville Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Bodine Cemetery     Orrville
Bott Family Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Branch Cemetery     Wooster
Burbank Cemetery     West Salem
Canaan Bend Cemetery     Creston
Canaan Cemetery     Creston
Canaan Center Cemetery     Creston
Chestnut Hill Cemetery     Doylestown
Clark Cemetery     West Salem
Colliers Cemetery     Doylestown
Congress Cemetery     West Salem
Conrad Cemetery     Rittman
County Line Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Crown Hill Cemetery     Orrville
Crown Hill Mennonite Cemetery     Rittman
Cupps Cemetery     Creston
Doylestown Lutheran Cemetery     Doylestown
Doylestown Methodist Cemetery (historical)     Doylestown
East Union Cemetery     Orrville
Easton Cemetery     Doylestown
Eight Square Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Emanuel Troyer Farm Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Emmanuel Cemetery     Doylestown
Erb Cemetery     Orrville
Evangelical Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Ewing Cemetery     Creston
Fairhaven Cemetery     West Salem
Fairlawn Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Fairview Cemetery     Shreve
Flickinger Cemetery     Rittman
Fountain Hill Cemetery     Orrville
Franks Cemetery     Holmesville
Fredericksburg East Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg West Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Geyer Cemetery     Creston
Hazzard Cemetery     West Salem
Hermans Cemetery     Holmesville
Hershberger Cemetery     Wilmot
Hershberger Cemetery     Wilmot
Highland Park Cemetery     Wooster
Hoover Cemetery     Rittman
Jackson Cemetery     Creston
Jefferson Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Joseph Helmuth Farm Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Kapp-Gish Cemetery     Orrville
Kidron Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Lower Church Cemetery     Doylestown
Lucas Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Madisonburg Cemetery     Wooster
Manley Cemetery     Shreve
Maple Grove Cemetery     Shreve
Maple Grove Cemetery     Doylestown
Maple Mound Cemetery     Creston
Marshallville Cemetery     Doylestown
Martins Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Millbrook Cemetery     Shreve
Mohican Cemetery     West Salem
Moreland Cemetery     Holmesville
Mount Eaton Lutheran Cemetery     Wilmot
Mount Zion Cemetery     Rittman
Newkirk Cemetery     Shreve
Noah Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Noah Petersheim Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Oak Grove Mennonite Cemetery     Orrville
Old Dunkard Cemetery     Rittman
Old Dutch Reformed Cemetery     West Salem
Old Hill Cemetery     Orrville
Old Lutheran Cemetery     Orrville
Old Presbyterian Cemetery     Orrville
Orrs Community Cemetery     Orrville
Overton Church of God Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Paradise Cemetery     Orrville
Peter Miller Farm Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Pioneer Cemetery     Wooster
Plain Lutheran Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Pleasant Hill Mennonite Cemetery     Rittman
Pleasant Valley Cemetery     Dalton
Red Run Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Reedsburg Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Repp Cemetery     West Salem
Rice Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Rittman Cemetery     Rittman
Rumbaugh Cemetery     West Salem
Saint Ann Cemetery     Rittman
Saint Josephs Cemetery     West Salem
Saint Marys Cemetery     Wooster
Saint Peters and Pauls Cemetery     Doylestown
Salem Cemetery     Wooster
Salem Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Shinersburg Cemetery     Rittman
Shoemaker Cemetery     Creston
Shreve Cemetery     Shreve
Smithville Cemetery     Orrville
Sommer Cemetery     Orrville
Sonnenberg Mennonite Cemetery     Dalton
Stanley Cemetery     West Salem
Stauffer Cemetery     Orrville
Sterling Union Cemetery     Rittman
Sugar Creek Township Cemetery     Wilmot
Traceys Corners Cemetery     Fredericksburg
Trinity English Lutheran Cemetery     Holmesville
Truth Cemetery     Doylestown
Union Cemetery     Dalton
Van Cleve Cemetery     West Salem
Van Kirk Cemetery     Dalton
Warners-Congress Cemetery     West Salem
Wayne County Home Cemetery     Wooster
Wayne Presbyterian Cemetery     Creston
Weaver Cemetery     Orrville
West Lebanon Lutheran Cemetery     Wilmot
West Salem Cemetery     West Salem
Westlawn Cemetery     Wilmot
Wooster Cemetery     Wooster
Yankeetown Cemetery     New Pittsburg
Yocum Cemetery     West Salem
Yoder Cemetery     Wilmot

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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